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Once again my client almost got conned. An agency from Spain told him that he had won an award. After making him agree via email to coming to Paris, yes Paris, at his own cost to collect the “prestigious” award, they said, at the penultimate moment, that some 5 lakh INR would be payable to them by him for “event management” and miscellaneous charges. Thank God my client, for whom my agency Paradigm Shift PR, rated amongst the leading public relations agency in India (I have testimonials to prove this), had the wisdom to consult me on whether he should really make the trip and fork out such monies.

Luckily for my client above and me, the same agency had just contacted another prestigious client of my PR firm in India. I had won both clients after a high pitched multi PR agency battle and Paradigm Shift had won both clients because we were able to provide more than plain vanilla PR. This meant that we would rise above plain press releases, giving value additions like strategic advice, investor relations, reputation management, one on one media interviews and the like which only good PR firms can provide. Both clients had said during the pitches that even if chosen our agreement could be terminated by them in one day if we were found to be lacking in any of the above qualities.

Naturally, my emotions were a mixture of joy and anxiety when we landed both the accounts.

We were able to prevent this Spain/Paris agency/event from duping our clients for whom we also provide investor relations. In the testimonial to us my first client mentioned that he truly considered us excellent in reputation management and investor relations and thanks to us his money and time had been saved and a big blot on his reputation prevented. This is because he would have cut a very sorry figure if had marched off to Paris to pick up a questionable award.

Happy with my ability to prevent a major catastrophe on my second client, quite emotionally, gave me a plaque saying “This is to place on record the counsel provided by Paradigm Shift PR, top PR agency in India and top PR agency in Mumbai, which saved us such a lot of embarrassment”.

One day, out of the blue, I received a mail from an unknown organization saying Paradigm Shift had been adjudged among the top 10 PR agencies in India. Naturally, I was pleased as punch. I bought a new full suit, tie the works to attend the ceremony. At the last minute, my wife pointed out that it was April Fool’s Day and maybe I was being taken for a big ride. I called up another top PR agency in Mumbai and another of the top 10 PR agencies in India and all three of us realized what we were heading for. We swore our wives to secrecy with the inducement of a foreign trip for each to ensure that their mouths would be shut.

PR is a difficult profession, being a top PR agency in India, the best PR agency in Mumbai, among the top PR agencies in India is no small feat and I humbly take pride in being one of them.

By Mohan Sundar Rajan

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