Corporate Reputation Management the importance and significance

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You may have an outstanding business plan. You may have a product that is brilliant. You may also have the greatest workers in the company working for you. But should you not need an excellent corporate reputation management strategy set up;. Read the rest of this entry »

The Good that men do

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One of the first Public Relations professionals I knew has just died. More, I suspect, of a broken heart than any medical reason. But Nishit Kumar was a true PR man – he always promoted the good parts and played down the bad. The fact that he was a good guy allowed people to take advantage of him. And he would always let them. He liked people. He trusted people – very often, he trusted them too much. He lost money, went to the brink of bankruptcy, clawed his way back. But did he dwell on all this? No. Read the rest of this entry »

Biggest Obstacle for the Modi Government

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It is expected that the new government at the Centre will make haste to kick start the floundering economy. Among the best options available will be the removal of road blocks that have obstructed for many years huge investments in major projects involving infrastructure, mining and manufacturing. Some oft-quoted numbers put the scale of such potential investment at over Rs. 15 lakh crores. Read the rest of this entry »


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“Good morning, Sekhar! Is this a good time to talk?”

For one thing, it’s not morning – it’s 3 p.m, the middle of my siesta which, I’ve told every PR person I know, is from 1 to 3. For another, we have never met: what gives this bubbly infant the right to call me by my first name? Whatever happened to good old ‘Sir’ or at least ‘Mr Seshan’?! Or even ‘Uncle’, as the shopkeepers and auto-rickshaw drivers call me – on second thoughts, maybe not that much familiarity either… Read the rest of this entry »

Changing Facets of Public Relations

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Discerning newspaper readers must have noticed that the Congress Party did not even spare the communications agency that handled the election campaign for them. This was Dentsu, one of the most respected and topnotch global agencies which got the end of the stick for the party’s recent electoral debacle. Had the party come out with flying colors, it was unlikely that the agency would have got a pat on the back. Then all the credit would have gone to the RaGamThanamPallavi people and fossils in the party for doing a marvelous job! Read the rest of this entry »

PR Perspectives of Narayan Murthy and the Pope

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As a public relations professional, I can’t but compare and contrast the images and styles of Infosys’ Narayan Murthy and Pope Francis. Both have come up from mediocrity, both have struggled hard and both are today opinion leaders in their own right.

But there are many differences between them and their methodologies from a PR perspective.

Pope Francis is a simple man devoid of complications. He had a crush on a girl very early in life like most of us endearing him to us as a true human being. Read the rest of this entry »

Good Reputation Management

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Once again my client almost got conned. An agency from Spain told him that he had won an award. After making him agree via email to coming to Paris, yes Paris, at his own cost to collect the “prestigious” award, they said, at the penultimate moment, that some 5 lakh INR would be payable to them by him for “event management” and miscellaneous charges. Thank God my client, for whom my agency Paradigm Shift PR, rated amongst the leading public relations agency in India (I have testimonials to prove this), had the wisdom to consult me on whether he should really make the trip and fork out such monies. Read the rest of this entry »