Paradigm Shift PR – A Division of Ulyssys Promotions Pvt Ltd is hiring real fast in step with its meteoric growth plans!

The company has vacancies at the level of Accunt Directors and Senior Account Executives.

This 30 year old PR agency is a boutique consultancy that gives other national PR agencies a run for their money. Its clients include the top 5 mutual funds, the best brokerages in the country, international taxation firms, FMCG companies in the dairy business and law firms. The PR firm has India’s and Mumbai’s leading healthcare companies as it s clients.

You must be able to work across verticals rather than be fixed to one vertical only.

Account Directors should have 8 to 10 years of PR industry experience and must be doers rather than those who give instructions and want to sit back and relax. They must be ready to get their hands dirty.

Senior Account Executives must have 3 to 5 years of PR industry experience and be ready to carry out instructions from superiors and clients. They must show the promise of maturing into Account Directors. They must not be yes men or women.

Both Account Directors and Senior Account Executives must be able to think out of the box. Ours is not the place for those seeking premature retirement!

The right candidate will receive hers or his due share of rewards. We don’t divide and rule and a good, healthy working relationship with no politics or favouritism prevails in our work environment. Our existing Account Directors have grown with us to reach a tenure of upto 13 years. There is a sense of contentment and desire to achieve that prevails in our consultancy.

Those interested can apply immediately in this format which will help us process your application urgently. Complex biodatas running into many pages and not having the information required below in the precise format will not be considered. Please make your application brief and to the point. One or two pages will suffice in the format below. Please affix colour photo.

  • - Name:
  • - Residential address in Mumbai:
  • - Education with class, rank, percentage etc and name of Universities:
  • - PR experience in years and months at each firm, firms worked in, clients handled with sectors, high points in career:
  • - Breaks in career with explanations as to why. Eg, health, pregnancy and child care, illness etc.
  • - Client appreciation if any::
  • - Names of 5 media persons who will vouch for your work and integrity:
  • - Names of 3 referrals, their designations and cell numbers and email IDs (must not be related to you):
  • - Status of health and attendance record in the current firm that is present for XYZ days since the last 12 months. Leave taken ABC days and the reasons for this.
  • PARADIGM SHIFT PR 10, Mistry Chambers, Ground Floor, Near Strand Cinema, Colaba, Mumbai- 400005.
  • Email: team@paradigmshiftpr.in
  • Phone:+91 22 22813797 / +91 22 22813798